Weekend Recap

I took the day off because I had a very rough night on Thursday night, I had a bladder flare up for the first time in months, it has been going so well but I think I know what the issue is and I think I will do an update on that this week for ya. 
I slept most of the day away, then I noticed a friend from back home was 2 hours away from us, Brooke and her daughter are best friends, so i asked Andrew if he would like to go, so we did... 
we mett hem around 7:30 pm, we had such a wonderful time with the, they had a cottage on the beach, they were here for a wedding, so we hung out on friday night til 11 pm- we walked on the beach while the girls made sand castles, got in the water, found hermit crabs and laughed and talked a lot,  then we went back to the house where the grandparents, bro and the owners of the house was making a seafood dinner, it was so delicious. I felt bad for showing up there but we were told it was ok and to come on in, it nice to visit old friends and make new friends.  we ate dinner, had a fire and made smokes and my phone died so i didn't get anymore pictures. 
we stayed at my aunts house who just lives up the road from the beach. 


Girls chatting while walking

Sandcastles, bare feet, ocean, laughter- Best things in the world. Made my girls day 

 they wanted to see how cold it was 

Back at the house to clean up and have dinner. 

Spent time with my aunt and cousin, then we took the kids on a long walk to try and get them to nap( she has 2 boys) 

Came back to my aunts and she was making lunch for us, so we stayed and left to come home just after that. 
I slept the 2 hours home, I am exhausted and I think i have strep throat, it kills, I have had it lots before and it is the same feeling. 
Then we cleaned the house and I made homemade burgers. 
Ran to walmart to get a present for a little girl who has a party tomorrow. 

Sundays begin to early around here, we have to be at the church for 8 am to set up , we have outgrown our building so we are renting one now
Brooke went to the birthday party, we hung out at home.

After service we went to Harvey's- first time being there and I love it so so much. 
Have a great week, check in on Tuesday for a special announcement:) 


  1. A cliffhanger! I'm coming back on Tuesday. :)

    I'm sorry about your flare up, but glad everything else was so nice!

  2. Oh my goodness! What adorable pictures. Looks like a terrific time. :)

  3. Looks like a busy weekend for you all. Those pictures make me yearn to go to the beach today.

    I will definitely be back on Tuesday! :)

  4. Looks like you had a nice time. I love the beach!

  5. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's announcement. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

  6. What a fun day! I'm sorry to hear about your bladder flareup, but it sounds like you had some time to relax/recover on the beach.

  7. Beautiful pictures! Beach can be so relaxing and good for recovering and getting the energy back. I'm going to the beach next week too. Been waiting this for so long!

  8. Wonderful photos! Looks like a great day!


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