My facebook status a few days ago said:
Yes, the word on the street is true- we are moving Sept 1
On Canada Day ( July 1) we got a call from the Landlord that they were homesick and were moving back home, we were shocked and in tears, we love our house currently and we have great neighbours, close to church, work, school, shopping etc..
I immediately started to look for a new place to live, there were not a lot of options as we do not want to be right in the city, we also did not want an apartment building- nothing against people who live there, but they just aren’t for us.

Fast Forward to early last week – I found a mini home that I adored, it was so nice all over, so I emailed and asked if I could come to view it, we got in at 5:30 that night, it was 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, I would have really like to have 3 bedrooms, the third to use as an office etc…
We really liked what we saw, so I asked for a contact email or number to apply, never thinking in a million years we would.

Spoke with the lady and she use to work right where I work now, so she checked my references and I checked hers and viola within 48 hours we have a new place to live for Sept 01, 2014, and Brooke can stay in her school, it is closer to shopping, further from church but that is ok.
We went this past Saturday and signed a lease( hence what my meeting was talking about on weekend recap)
Here are the pictures…

Kitchen/entry way 

Soaker tub in Master Bathroom 


  1. Ohhh...I like your (soon to be) new digs. It looks like it is located in a very beautiful area and that tub in your bathroom...amazing!! :)

  2. Sometimes good things happen when we least expect it! ;-)

  3. It looks awesome. Hurrah for unexpected new beginnings, more often than not they lead to great things!


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