a Perfect or not so perfect child

Raising a perfect child or are you?

are you the type of parent who thinks your child can do no wrong?
Do you really think they are the peace makers when the other kids are arguing etc?
is your child the one with all the manners?
the one who always says please and thank you?

the one who never had terrible two’s
the one who got perfect grades?
the one who never threw a temper tantrum
I could go on and on….

You may think you have the perfect child, but there is no perfect person in this crazy cruel world. 
You raise your child to the best of your ability, in hopes they don’ t get in trouble with the law, they don’t get in trouble at school…
but when they do… the blame always goes to someone else.

I am the first to stand up and say my child is not perfect, yes I teach her to mind her manners, to not bully, to aim to make perfect grades at school, to be respectful of others, to be a peacemaker if she can without getting her self in trouble, so far I am quite proud of her. 
a few weeks before school let out, she was bullied at school for the first time since she started, she is a very likeable child, so for me to find out that something happened it was quite upsetting to me… while riding the bus home from school to her day care, another kid in 4th grade pulled his clothes down and showed her his private parts, now as far as I know this is the first time she has seen a boy with no clothes on, I was devastated, this is not something I wanted her to see at age 10, yet this is the cruel world we live in, it makes me feel like going up to this kids parents and yelling at them, asking them what are they raising, it may be wrong to feel this way but it makes me upset because this is my baby, my only baby… it is the motherly instinct in me to protect her every second of every day, sadly this world we live in makes that something that cannot be done, we cannot be with out kids every.
We leave them in the hands of the teachers who by the way handled this situation very professional, it was appreciated how well they did, as a parent I could admit I was professional in my thoughts etc, but i do know that i try to protect her every day. 

What about you? How would you have handled this, professional or non as it is your child they are messing with?

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  1. My daughter was bullied for a number of years. It started and proliferated and kept up. It was heart wrenching. I still have no answers of what to do. If the kids won't stop, it leaves the parent powerless. In our situation, the biggest bully was kicked out of school when they all reached high school and things are so much better. I don't wish the girl had gotten kicked out (she did not get kicked out for bullying), but it is such a relief to have her gone. I worry about that young lady too. I hope she finds whatever is missing that makes her so mean.


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