Confessional friday

it is time to confess again, linking up with Leslie

1) I confess I wasn't going to blog at all today, I feel like my blogging will power has left me... but alas here I am, it may be short and sweet.

2) I had a whirlwind of a flying trip back home on Monday, it was worth it though to see Grandpa one more time

3) I slept from 6 pm Wednesday night - 7 am Thursday morning, first sleep I got since last Sunday.. so much travelling and no sleep, left me feeling very cranky, so hubby took over and I slept

4) I really really and I mean Really miss my Grandpa, it feels so empty to know he is no longer a phone call away, I cannot hear his voice anytime I want to, he wont be there to give me a hug when i go home, I know he is at peace now but it is hard without him.

4) So Proud of my Girl- she participated in a Band Festival and she won an award, we are not sure what it is until Wed at 7 pm, so proud of her.

What's on your mind?


  1. Sometimes you just have to step away from your blog when you just need to regroup. I feel bad about your Grandpa, that is so sad!

  2. That's nice that you had someone to take over duty when you were tired. :) Glad you made it home safe.


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