Truthful Thursday- Blind or deaf

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 Would you rather be blind or deaf- It is another thing in life that we take for granted, we don't even think about it each day, we just open our eyes in the morning and see our way around to get ready for our day, then we also have ears to hear the radio on our way to the office, we hear our spouse say- i love you, have a great day etc. 

I think I would say deaf, there are aids to help you hear, there are no aids that i'm aware of to help you see, to be honest though, I would say neither, I cannot imagine not being able to hear the birds chirping, see the beautiful creation he made for us. 

I cannot imagine not seeing my husband to sweet baby girl, my niece and nephew, my best friend, there are so many beautiful things in my life that I would not want to not be able to see. 

How about you?

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  1. I would rather neither...but for the purpose of this post, I'd say deaf.


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