So Thankful

As i sit here in the 2nd to last hotel - (we have 4 more days before we are home)we will take before we head home, I am so relaxed, blessed and happy and thinking about how good God has been to me, how he has protected us as we drove thousands of miles, thru many rain storms, thru many thunder and lightening storms and thru Tornado  city Kansas ( so we are told)

He has kept us safe while we slept in hotels that we had no idea of the ratings ( we looked them up online but they are not all there), he kept us from bed bugs etc... we all had comfortable beds to sleep in especially last night, the bed felt like the moon, it was amazing .

I am especially thankful to God for giving me this great job and for them allowing me to take some vacation time only after being there for 2 months, God knew all along how this would work out.
I am so blessed.

We have met some wonderful people along the way ( more detail later) but God is so Good to me.

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