Weekend Recap


I worked til 4:30 or so then we took Brook to a birthday party and a sleep over for the night, so hubby and I went to hang out with friends, we grilled burgers, had salads,  drinks and lots of laughter. it was a very very nice evening. We were out really late but it has been a while.  
While I was out there, we got the news that Grandpa would not make it thru the night, my cousin, his girlfriend and my Grandma was there too, they were there all night with him. 

7:20 am my phone rang with the news that my Grandpa had passed away, I knew what it was before I answered, I was hoping if I did not answer it, it would go away and it would just be alight mare, this was not the case of course, he was gone, my heart felt like it was shredded in a million pieces, how can he be gone already, he is now an angel and looking down on us, watching us, forever in our hearts. 
I decided to start looking for a flight to go home for the funeral, it was a hard one to come across because  it is so expensive to get back home, but after a lot of searching I booked one for 580.00, so I booked it and I head home Monday. 
I watched some Drop Dead Diva, I am slightly addicted now, if you have never seen it, you should watch it because it is incredible. 

Sunday:  I woke up to hubby saying "Happy Anniversary"

It was 12 beautiful years. I love this man so much, my heart still skips a beat when he kisses me ;) 
We went to church and then Brooke went home with a sitter and we celebrated our anniversary, we decided we wanted to cook together at home , so we made ribs, twice baked potatoes, corn and salad, we had chic covered strawberries for dessert, it was a Beautiful Day with my love. 

Pm service we had a guy get baptized then we all went to a friends house for pulled pork sandwiches, it was a great time, they are great friends. 

Blogging won't be plentiful this week, I do have some things scheduled but I am away for a few days with my family as we mourn the lost of an incredible man. 

Thank you for your prayers and symphonies during this time, I love you all so much 

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