Truthful Thursday- any hidden talents

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10) . Any Hidden Talents:
I dont know if I have ever talked about this, but when I was in grade 9- I wanted to participate in music class mainly because the guy I had a crush on, was there and I really liked the teacher, I had no music experience at all..
Then I started playing Clarinet- and I fell in love...
I love playing my clarinet, right now Brooke is also playing Clarinet, she is playing in her school band, so proud of her


  1. My daughter started playing clarinet in the 5th grade and stayed with it all through her school years and then went on to get a small scholarship for college. She is now 28 and only plays in church - but she is pretty good.

  2. I'm not musically inclined at all. I love music, but can't sing or play an instrument to save my life. That's awesome that you found something that you love and have passed on to your daughter. :)


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