Marriage Mondays- Love Story of MayB and The Guy

Today is our first Love Story- this one touched my heart. Thanks for sharing my friend, pour a cup of coffee and read this Love Story. 

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Wade and Bronwyn at the look out
2007- We were so young!
I liked him - he was tall and funny - but I was sure the world would stop spinning and birds would sing as soon as I met "the one" so I didn't know if I was convinced.

I was so naive.

The thing was: I couldn't stop thinking about him. He was funny and interesting and after a few dates I knew he was pretty special.  I realized I didn't want him NOT to be in my life.

I think back to that girl I was back then. Scattered, emotionally damaged, wandering but on a holding pattern, and, honestly, a bit of a tool.

The Guy had a lot to do with me calming down and getting more focused. He helped me relax and be more comfortable with who I am, so I'm not so worried about being silly.  I am a better person now because he has been in my life and I like to think he's better too.

That's what the me of 7 years ago didn't get.  Love isn't about earth shaking and harps playing - it's about two people who make each other better versions of themselves. It's about little things every day that show love and appreciation.

2014 - it's our year

I'm glad that girl smartened up. I'm glad she took a chance.  

I'm reaping the benefits.

And there are still a lot more to come.

Bronwyn MayB writes at I, MayB.  She has this to say for herself. 
I am woman, wife, dog mom, crisis worker, and friend.  Though I am much more comfortable in my own skin now that I'm past 30 (and closing in quickly on 40!) I still am figuring out who I want to be when I grow up.

Mostly, I do dumb things and then I tell you about them. My life is an open book (much to the chagrin of my husband!) I am who I am and I'm not shy to share it with anyone who asks and most people who don't.

I've been married for over 4 years to a wonderful man I call "The Guy" in the online world for his own protection. It's a bit like changing the names of the innocent.

464 Havana - love - B
This is love.

If you would like to share your love story please comment here or email me, I would love to have you share. 

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