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as i sit here in the quiet of the airport, after my flight being delayed again and again, I really hope I can arrive home very soon, I am thinking about how fragile life really is, just how quickly it can be taken from us...
Grandpa got sick in December and now 5 months later he is gone
Life is so fragile, we should never taken any time for granted, it can be taken from us so quickly.
i know he was sick and it was expected but we are never prepared for it, never ever prepared for it.

It just goes to show that life is so quick..

There are many people coming and going, each person has a story to tell...
Some people have been away for work, some people are coming home from Vacation, others are heading to visit a sick family member or to stand in someones wedding , some people like me are heading home to say "See ya Later" to a person who is so  important in your life.
It doesn't always seem fair that life takes some of the best people in the world, while some people live forever and ever...
I miss my Grandpa more then words can express, it has been hard for me to know he is no longer just a phone call away, I know he is looking down at me, but it is hard for me, it is hard for all of us.
His service yesterday was just the way he would want it, there was some laughing, there were tears, there were lots and lots of hugs, he would have been so happy to see his entire family gathered together to celebraten him and his wonderful lilfe.
It was nice to be with family that I have not seen in a long time, our hearts felt torn in shreds, to watch his wife say good bye to him, she had some beautoful words she spoke to him, it has to be hard to loose your best friend, they were so in love and so happy together...
Ya know, take that extra few mins each week, call your grandparents, call them and just chat with them because you will regret it otherwise when something else happens.
Thank you Grandpa for showing me:
~ True Love
- you loved your 2 daughters and 2 sons- you respected them, if there was ever a problem you were helping them thru it, not always advice they 'wanted' but advice they needed.
- you adored us grand children , all 10 of us, then you also adored your 21 great grandchildren- they were your entire world, and you made sure they knew that.
~ The Love of Jesus
- you went to church every cahnce you got, you always song songs and worshipped.
- that was one the things most people said yeterday at your service was, you were a worshipper and they will remember you for that.
~Rich- is not always money
- You died a very rich man, you had the love of your entire family, the love of your wife and the love of your friends, and siblings.
~ Faith
-You always said: Grandpa will pray
Thank you Grandpa for being sucha  positive influence on my life, you are gone but never ever forgotten, your memories will live forever in my heart.
Rest Sweetly my Angel <3


  1. so sorry to hear, thoughts and prayers are with you

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I can relate - I lost my grandmother on Christmas day and we were always very close. It still hurts. (hugs)

  3. Life is fragile, enjoy every moment while you can. I lost my mother in law last year so I understand.

  4. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your grandpa. You have written a beautiful account and it is very evident that your grandpa was an integral part of your life. Sending kind thoughts and prayers to you and your family. -Michelle

  5. This is a very sweet tribute to your grandfather. I'm glad everyone was able to show up at the funeral. My heart goes out to you and to your grandma too. I'm really sorry for your loss.


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