Confessional Friday

It's Confessing time again and here we go 

Today I am confessing that:

1) I have had a very emotional week with Brooke's graduation, and last day of Elementary school.. makes me feel like my baby is all grown up and she really is but I got lots of years with her yet. 

2)  I had a bitter sweet departure since I moved to a new position ( same building, just a new floor), it is hard when you have to meet people after working with some for months now. I miss those wonderful girls.

3) I am excited to be out of the office for the afternoon today, it is Publis Service week and we are considered public service workers so we get the afternoon out of the office to go to a park play games and have a BBQ.

4) I am excited that Brooke has a end of school bash tonight and we are going to have a date.

What's on your mind today Ladies?


  1. Congrats Brooke!

    We have a four day weekend and so I've been thinking of ways to enjoy it. Today, I slept in. :)

  2. Sounds like you've had a busy week! It's always nice to end on a good note 😊

  3. Sounds like a great week! I'm just glad to have caught up on a few things this week. Hopefully the flower beds this weekend. 😊

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  5. sounds like a lot of changes, but hopefully all for good! mine just graduated high school last month, so i understand!

  6. Congrats to your daughter! It is on to the next! I now have a 5th grader and an 8th grader.. it is whats on my mind..

  7. Congrats! On my mind today? Not much.. Excited that I am going to the drive-in movies later and for mini golf!

  8. Sounds like a beginning of a great weekend. Congrat on your graduation Brooke

  9. Your daughter look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


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