Confessional Friday

I’m late with my Confessional Friday today, oops. I usually have it ready to go first thing in the morning, but work is so busy today

·        I am glad Daddy is home, I have been home all week with a sick girl, we were glad when daddy got home last night.

·        We have our annual summer summit this week, services all week; I haven’t gone yet because of Confession 1- maybe tonight.

·        I am finding my French course very difficult right now. I need to get a tutor I think.. The French language is a hard one to learn or so I’m told.

·        I have lost 9 lbs on my current diet plan and I am loving it so far- what sucks a little bit is the fact that I bought a ton of new clothes while on vacation last month and now I have to sell it or give it away… oh well, new wardrobe coming up.

·        Time to get back to work – 2 days behind … eek.


  1. Hiya,

    Hope your little one is feeling better, having ill children really makes you so sad because you just want to make them better x

  2. Ah it's a task to maintain a diet with an unwell child at home! But guess a little effort pays in the long run :)

  3. Congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome!

  4. I think French is so beautiful to hear. I remember more of my French from high school than I do my Spanish from college (and I lived in FL for a long time where Spanish is often spoken). Crazy, right? :)

    Congrats on the 9 lbs. :)

  5. French is a difficult language! That's one where I think I would really struggle with the pronunciation!

  6. Good for you for taking a French course! I'm a french teacher (and taking a course myself this summer) so if you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask!!! ;-)


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