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We all use it, I use it far to much, I am always signed in to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest... I am always there, I have had people ask me if I do anything else besides Social Media, then i explain that I am always there as it is always signed in on my phone and or computer. 

Does it portray our lives as perfect?  Is this true of us? Is it what we are trying to do, are we trying to be someone we are not? 
Is it showing a fake version of us?
As women we are competitive, we want to show other women just how much we have it all together, we organize play dates, cook amazing meals, make play dough every day, every time we show a pic it shows nothing but a clean house… when in reality this is not the case
{True Story- one night I needed to take a pic for something, I cleaned a specific place just for the picture, because I did not want them to see the real side of me, the horrible house wife that I am}
We choose what we share, we choose what we want people to see

So what, what is the big deal? When we tend to put up a veneer in one part of our life, it is usually a symptom that we are hiding something, there are a lot of people that go online to look for advice, it allows us to put something in between us- the perfect picture up on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter etc, we are hiding our true self, we are portraying a fake person, the person we are not really.
Can we really have significant relationships online?  How can you really know someone online, to me its like a false intimacy, when we are face to face I can see how you react to certain things  I could not tell you how you react to bad news, or issues in your life.
If I am believer, my life is revolving around the Lord- I have really been challenged with what I share on social media- people are not drawn to you if you are not authentic, we need to share the happy times, things we struggle with, people who are not believers want people that are not perfect, they want you to be real…
Like the scripture says: Love him- Love People
Super happy posts, or super sad posts.. what are we showing people? 
A great way to see where your heart is or what’s important to you - look at your social media, what are you posting about, what are you sharing? Is this what you want to be remembered for should you pass tomorrow, if you printed your social media for the past month, would you be proud of it, would people be proud of you?
I am really thankful for men and women who share their stories to glorify Jesus to remind us we are not alone in our struggles.
It used to bother me if I did not have a hourly “awesome” Facebook status- I am being honest here, it bothered me, I wanted comments, likes etc, now I really don't care, there are so many more important things to worry about
What are you consuming on social media? Who are you following, and why are you following those people what are you following, we need to be careful to not create comparisons, do you compare yourself to a popular blogger, a hollywood star, someone that isn't someone that you should compare yourself to?

Did you know that 75-80% of social media is leading to divorces- imagine that.. it is so wrong when we think of what social media is doing to our world, off course there are also good things about social media, but the statistics don't show the good things. 
We can keep up with family members, we can stay in touch with old friends, we can shop and support small businesses, we can find jobs etc, there is so so much we can do, but there is so much we should not do. 

How we use social media has a lot more to say about who we are then who social media is


  1. Hi,
    You are very correct in many of the things you say...... I used to compare all the time but now I only worry about myself and what I am accomplishing because it is not doing me any favours trying to keep up with everyone else. I now try not to get mixed in any of the social media drama I see unfold on FB or Twitter everyday....its a way to stay connected but in the end, seeing the faces of my family and friends is the most important thing!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  2. I heard a sermon not long ago about how you have to expose all of who you are to people, or you always wonder if they love the 'real you.' It was talking about marriage, but I think it's applicable in many other things too.

  3. I totally agree there are a lot of issues around how we use social media. It can really complicate an already complex life.

  4. I know where you're coming from when you say you kind of edit your space for pictures - not showing the real you in a way. Social media is definitely really edited. How well can we really know people we are only in contact with online?

  5. Social media is addicting and can lessen the time we spend on our real and important one on one relationships with people. Definitely something to think about. Thanks for sharing.


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