Graduation Day

Dear Brooke,

It seems like only yesterday that I was dropping you off on your first day of kindergarten. One of the moms said, “Well, this is it. We had our chance.” I cried all the way home, because you were growing up too fast. Little did I know that was just the beginning. 
On this milestone day, know that I am so proud of you. Every day, I am in awe that I get the privilege of being your mom.
Today is a big day for you, and for your class mates, for your school, its your graduation from elementary school and you are going on to Middle School, you have worked hard to get to where you are today..
Today, as you take ride off on another kind of journey- Middle School with your refined determination, this is my advice to you. It seems so inadequate, but it comes from my heart.
Take chances. Be willing to risk bumps and bruises to go after the things that you really want. When fear is holding you back, and you need an extra dose of courage, know that I will always be there cheering you on, and I will always give you a soft place to land. Stand up. Speak out. Try. Fail. Try again. Always remember who you are and where you came from. Love. Live. Fly.
My heart is full of pride as we watch you walk and get your diploma, my heart is bursting with pride for you. You make mommy and Daddy so incredibly proud, before we know it, it will be your grade 12 graduation, then university, time really flies so fast. 
You have learned so much this year... and you have grown and matured. 

You make us proud every day!! 

Reach for the Stars baby Girl!! 

I love you more than I could ever express. I will be the one in the audience who starts crying when I hear the first note of Dynamite,  They will be tears of pride and joy. Congratulations baby girl. Today is the first day of middle school come September.

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