Wednesdays for Women

Storms of Life
cyclones, tornadoes, gale force winds can cause people to lose homes, businesses, other possessions and lives have been lost..
one week we can have sunny skies, the next a winter storm, it's uncanny how the weather can change so quickly...

the same is the life with storms of life, they can come unexpectedly, and without warning, they can be devastating, leaving you with massive internal clean up 
But when you have Jesus, no matter what comes against you, experiences you endure, dark storms you weather, you will not be moved. 
You may experience heart ache and there will be debris but it will not ruin you 
Your wealth is not in what can be temporarily destroyed
Jesus is your hope and anchor. 
Hold onto him in the sunshine and the rain
Your foundation will be strong and Unmovable. 
Build your life upon Jesus 
his words
his promises
his way
Jesus is your strong foundation
your solid rock
your strong tower. 

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