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Sharing our Love stories or some Marital Advice, today I introduce to you:

Hi, I’m Emily! Special thanks to Terri for allowing me to guest post again here today!!
 I blog with my husband Hudson at HudsonAndEmily.com.

You can read our love story if you’d like, but the basics of it are this: we met in 6th proposal, and finally got married 10 years after we met! One thing that a lot of people don’t know about us, though, is that we saved our first kiss until the day we got engaged. WOAH. So the kiss happened right after Hudson proposed, walked me down a memory lane he had created in the woods, and sat me down on a picnic blanket covered in roses. It was the most special thing ever. And then it started pouring rain. HAHA. That would happen. We went from having this beautiful, special kiss to running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to pick up all of the memory lane stuff before having to sprint a mile back to the car. I'm guessing this was definitely not Hudson's plan, but hey, I was just thrilled to be engaged so it didn't phase me. It was the best day of my life (until my wedding)! But so many people have asked us, why?

Why save your first kiss until you got engaged? Before I answer, I need to give disclaimers.
 (1) In no way do we think kissing is "wrong.” I am not writing this to judge anyone or make anyone feel bad. I am writing this so that single people might read our story and be encouraged to stay pure. (2) Waiting to kiss wasn't something we "had" to do. We chose it. Yes, we are Christians and God does call us to be pure. But He doesn't say kissing in and of itself is wrong. For me and Hudson, saving our first kiss signified that we were committed to being pure. We didn't want to JUST be virgins on our wedding day and get as close to the line as possible -- we wanted to be as pure as we could. Also, although when we were dating I was like 99% sure I'd marry Hudson, I wanted to know for sure that my future husband was the only person who I shared something so personal as a kiss with. Everyone's experience is different, and some of my friends have said that through dating other people they actually learned more about who they wanted to marry. But for us, dating only each other and waiting to kiss really worked -- and I am so thankful that we did what we did. Yes, it was difficult. Really difficult at times.
 We had to set strong guidelines and make intentional decisions to not be alone together for too long. And to do “fun” dates more than romantic ones, which has carried over to now – we’ve compiled an entire list of dates for every season of the year: spring dates, summer dates, fall dates, and winter dates. My recommendation is this. If you are currently in a relationship, take some time to talk with your boyfriend about your boundaries for purity. Or if you are single, take time to think about what you want your boundaries to be. Write them down now, because believe me, the longer you date the more difficult it gets! (Married women out there, let us know if you agree!) grade, became best friends, had a very emotionally-charge.

If you have questions about purity or want to discuss something, feel free to contact me -- I would be happy to talk with you! And thank you so much again, Terri, for allowing me to blog here today!!


  1. Such a romantic story and so great that you met someone who respects and shares your boundaries.

  2. Very nice story and I always love it when someone meets another that share the same values. Awesome stuff!

  3. I love that you added the disclaimers, but how awesome that you found something that worked so well for the two of you. Congrats!

  4. I'm happy you two were able to make that promise with each other. And it sounds way better than my first kiss!! It really does help strengthen a marriage as well, to know that you both are each others' only lovers. I'm so glad my husband and I shared that only with each other, after we married.


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