It's a God thing

Review of "It's a God thing"

Some things in life have no earthly explanation.
Miracles are not reserved for the characters in the Old and New Testaments; they happen to everyday people.
Series creator Don Jacobson and K-LOVE Radio have joined together to produce one of the most remarkable collections of modern-day miracles ever compiled. From angel appearances in hospital rooms to a mother saved from a would-be assailant in Hyde Park, from a young autistic girl becoming a beautiful ballerina overnight to a young backpacker who walked away from a terrorist attack, It's a God Thing presents some of the most amazing stories of God's hand on our lives.
The book is a collection of 46 stories different people, written in their own words, of when they experienced something that they knew just had to be a God thing. The stories make you feel connected to the author. This book is an easy read, with each story only a few pages long, making it a good choice for moms who can only spare a few minutes here or there to dip into a book. 

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