Be Still

2 weeks ago I lost my job, I had no idea that it was coming, not something I thought about would happen, off course people loose their job all the time, but I truly believed I would be there forever, here I am 2 weeks without a job and I am looking for the words to say but so far I feel broken, hurt, almost like a broken heart, then tonight I had a ladies prayer group meeting and I felt this 
BE STILL and know I am in Control 

Those words spoke big to me tonight and I need to learn that he is in control, he knows where my next job will come from.
I found this song and It is so true

Sometimes I feel no one's ever been in this place before
This is hard and I'm not sure that I can do this anymore
I know some day I"ll look back, and all this won't seem real
But Lord right now I need you to know just how I feel

I know people have been in this place before, people have lost their jobs when all they had was the one income, we have hubby's off course, after living on 2 incomes it is hard to go down to one
I feel like I can't handle another day seeing those 4 walls, there is only so much you can vacuum and clean 
When I get my new job I can look back and say why was I so worried... but that is human, that is what we do 
Right now all i can do is pray and cry and ask God to send me another job 

When there are no words to say and no prayer that I can pray
hear my heart,When I don't have strength to try 
and I've cried all I can cry hear my heart
Cause you know every fear and every doubt I cannot speak
You know all the ways I need you and all the ways I'm weak
So I'll be quiet so you can hear my heart.

Every now and then I recall a simple phrase or melody
It comforts and it quiets, lifts me up and then it carries me
Far above the pain and hurt I think will never end
The song speaks words I cannot and it calms the fears within

Every time I find a new job to apply for a new job, my hope gets up and I think well this would be like my dream job, I would be so happy there.. but only God knows where that job is coming from because I have no idea, so all I can do is just be quiet so he can hear my heart. 

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