Part 4- Final Depression

Trying to take my self of the medication was the wrong idea… I had a major relapse, it was the worst thing I have ever done thru… 
my counsellor had an emergency opening for me, which I was so thankful for, it felt like i fell back to the same slippery slope I was on before, she understood why I wanted to stop taking them which off course everyone wants to manage life without medication, we don’t want to take “happy” pill to get thru a day… we want to feel normal on our own at least I do. 

Dr Slade increased my medication to get back to feeling like I should have been before trying to just quit taking them. 
Dr Slade was like my angel, she was so kind and patient with me, she truly cares about her patients.  After 3 weeks I was back to feeling great, but no more weaning myself off. 

Then I got hurt VERY badly by someone at my church, it affected my marriage as well, my poor husband thought I was truly a bad person, I was not and still isn’t off course, thankful I had Lola to once again talk to during this hurt, it caused me to go into a depression, it sucked so bad, it took all my energy, I wanted to do nothing but stay home, I stopped going to church, I talked to  my co workers only and I pretty well felt like I had started the slippery slope to never going back to church again… finally and thanks to Lola, she made sure I was still going to church because God was in control and he knew I did nothing wrong, thankfully in the end, it worked out and everything is ok now. 

Then hubby’s job got us moving to a new province, we joined a new church, made new friends and Life was so Great, it truly was great and still to this day I am on my meds and will never try to wean of them again. 

Depression is so real, it can put so much fear into you that you feel like you are a nothing, a no one and you should not even be alive, I no longer feel like this, times now I get over whelmed, but I do not ever allow myself to sink back into that dark depression that had crippled me for so long. Don’t let it go, see a Dr, talk to someone you can trust. 

Thank you so much Dr Slade and i know you are reading this and I am so thankful you are my counsellor. 

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  1. I'm so glad you found a counselor like that, Terri. I'm sure it really does make all the difference in the world!!


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