Confessional Friday

It is Friday so that means it's confessing time ~ Linking up with Leslie 

I confess: 

1) I have watched so much mindless TV/movies this week, here are some ideas of what I have been watching and you should too. 

and more 

2) I had a hot date last night with a hot man who is my husband, he took me to Dimitris- greek food downtown...

it was so so good. 

3) I have made such a great friend out of blogger - http://www.dreamsandcolour.com
we met face to face this summer, she took me to dinner and we have chatted via text and email since then, last week she called me for the first time and I can chat to her ALL DAY LONG- she makes me laugh so much. I love the blog family.We chatted wednesday for 2.5 hours, then thursday for 1.5 hours. 

4) I had a break down today- I am tired of looking at my four walls, I need to get out more... 

5) I am excited for our anniversary trip to Bora Bora or Greece, have you ever been?

What's on your mind loves?


  1. I want to see Mom's Night Out so bad. I missed it's preview because of another event and I didn't get an opportunity to review the DVD. I have heard it is so good. I guess I will have to break down and pay to see it.

  2. We are considering a family trip to Greece in 2015 (my son, his wife, their daughter, and my other three kids along w/my husband and myself) to celebrate my oldest getting out of the military then... but my son just told us he might re-enlist. -_- I think either destination you've chosen will be awesome. :)


Thanks for the blogging Love

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