Weekend Recap

I feel like I'm going stir crazy inside the house and I needed to get out and enjoy myself for the day.. 
went to town with Andrew and he dropped me at Starbucks to wander around or to go hang out with someone, so I choose to go visit this little guy 

Little stud muffin in his over alls. I love him so much. It was such a relaxing day, Amy ( his mom) and I relaxed, watched a movie, played games, ate pizza,  laughed and held the baby, I needed that relaxing day 
hubby picked me, we went to day care to get Brooke and then went to the food court for dinner- we eat out far to much and it has to stop ;) 
Got groceries and came home, relaxed for the night.. I took a power nap, then decided to go to bed for the night at 9 pm. 

it was a early morning because a friend and I went to a Beth Moore simulcast, first time to ever attend a living proof ministry, it was really good, she had so many amazing things to say, things that helped me let some things go, just get rid of it, i have held on to it long enough
Maybe I will share the notes I took sometime. 

she has posted some of the notes on her website 
She also shared this and it is so powerful 

Got home and made nachos for the family and then we had to go to sears to get hubby a new suit for his trip to Winnipeg this week, his cousin is getting married and he is gonna look Hot, wish I was gonna be there to see him, think I'll have him model for me ;) 
He took me to Dairy Queen for a blizzard- i got the pumpkin pie one and ohh my land it is to die for, so delicious. 

Church for set up at 8 am, we had a great sunday except I got some news from home that scared me, my brother needs some good vibes sent to him please. 
we had a missionary from cypress this morning, it was great 

Have a great week 


Thanks for the blogging Love

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