Wednesdays for Women - LIES

When someone hurts us, we immediately want to build up a wall, we want to stay away from the person who hurt us, we want to give them nothing but Karma and give them what they deserve..

I was hurt a couple years back, hurt really bad, someone told someone that I had some things about this person , this is not the case, to this day I have no clue who even would make up such a lie, what did I ever do to have this grief...
we went thru a very very scary time in our family life, our spiritual life- in fact I didn't go to church for a long time, why because as humans it hurts when this is done to us, even the strongest person will crumble when you are treated this way.

To this very day this person believes I said things about her....
she went for a long time and would not even look my way, wanted no communication with me, in fact tried to end my marriage etc, all because of a LIE... we have become friends again since, but it has been very hard

Since we moved away from there, she has come to my house, when she asked if she could stay here, every fibre of my being wanted to say NO- but I said Sure..
I know it was a hard decision but I knew if I was ever going to show her that I had no hard feelings about her, that I had nothing to feel guilty about, this is how it was going to be, so I opened up my home to her, we visited, we laughed, not once bringing up the past...

It will always be there in the back of my mind, ALWAYS..
when i see her post something on Facebook, I want to block her and not have her there anymore because it still hurts me to the very core.

I am so glad I allowed her to come visit us, Brooke loves her, she has no idea of what happened ( off course).
I am a better person because of what I went thru, no the pain and the memories will never leave me, but I am trying to forgive and hopefully some day forget.

How about you, is there something that hurts you to this day because of someone's lies?

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