Wednesdays for Women- Depression Part 3

I have decided to share my depression story 

Part 1

this is when i confided in Lola...
so i sat in the car and I cried a lot that day because i knew it was over, thought I would have lost a friend in fact we didn't talk for a long time after that.
This is when i spoke with a beautiful, amazing lady who from that day onward was the most understanding person I have ever met
Enter Lola :)

I don't know why i called her that day, we were hardly friends before that, but the more we talked and I knew she went thru the same thing, she battled depression and anxiety..
If i didn't have Lola, i have no idea what life would be like for me right now, i would call her at 1 am and she would talk about it settled and i could breathe right again.

I went to the START( I dunno what it stood for but it was called this)  clinic and i met with the worst councillor ever, he asked me if I had anything bad happen while growing , well no i had a good child hood and i found i wasn't comfortable to speak up to tell them what has been going on, i made  a request thru my family doctor to see a new one bc I couldn't open up.
then i found a really gem,

Enter Dr Slade

I immediately felt comfortable with her because she had this smile on her face and she cares about patients,she wasn't one who would just push my medication on me, she also taught me how to breathe thru a panic attack, how to keep positive, it really helped, then she started on some medication that I needed to get thru the days that i wasn't going to her clinic.

I felt so much better after meeting her a few times , so good in fact I decided I didn't need my medication anymore and i "thought" I was ok to stop taking it..


  1. I'm glad to had the courage to get help and stand up for yourself when you knew the original counselor was not a good fit. I went back and read your first two parts. Thank you for opening up and sharing your story.

  2. I'm glad you were smart enough to switch counselor's when you knew in your heart of hearts that it wasn't right. I'm also glad you found a much better fit.

  3. I think it's amazing that you could talk up for yourself and were able to switch councellors. I'm quite sure there weren't any good results on ending taking meds on your own. My brother used to do that, and it didn't work very well for him.

  4. Finding the right counselor is so important to the healing process. You're on the right track!

  5. The right counselor can make all the difference!


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