Confessional Friday

Linking up with the lovely Leslie for some confession time

1) I confess to you that being home sucks.. I don't know how stay at home mom's do it, I thought I would enjoy it more but I really am not.. been visiting with my friend and her baby to help her out and give her a break, hoping to find something soon. 

2) I confess I have been depressed this week over not having a job anymore- it really sucks. I just feel like every time I get a job I truly enjoy it gets taken from me, I knew this gov't job could end when I took it but you always hold onto that hope that it won't end.. 

3) I confess I am finally all unpacked, it don't take long when you are home all day and I plug away at one or two boxes at a time and before you know it, it is all done. I am loving it here though.

4) I confess I am jealous of my husband he gets to go visit family for his cousin's wedding, it just was to expensive for 3 of us to fly there and back, it will be good for him to visit them. 

5) I confess I am working on a auction for a beautiful baby girl who was born with some health problems and she is in the NICU for some time now, if you are a shop owner would you please donate something for this cause, email me terrigrothe at gmail.com or you can find it on Instagram with #auctionforaddison 


  1. Oh no - I remember how quickly you transitioned into a new job last time - BELIEVE that something will come your way soon! Praying for that darling baby. xx

  2. @monica
    Thank you so much, I do have an interview on monday, let's see what happens

  3. Aww, busy week for me as well. Lots of information to process now that Im back at school in a new semester and yeah im jobless too. I dont really need it but a part time could give me the experience I want.

    thanks for sharing :)


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