Confessional Friday

It's Confessing Time and I'm linking up with the Beautiful Leslie 

1) When I walk out the door at 4:30 pm, I may even dance a little because YEAR END is over and things can settle down, but hey it's great experience for me. 

2) Brooke is away with friends for the weekend, I miss her but I'm glad to be alone with my hubby wubby. 
3) I love that one of my co workers is a friend from church and we talk alot, it is nice to have that connection.
3) Our church is hosting a church dinner for some surrounding churches so saturday will be spent there, I think i have it all planned and we are good to go. 

4) I started watching the show Heartland, and I might be a little addicted. 

What's on your mind today


  1. Finding new shows is the best! I'll have to check out Heartland. I'm currently hooked on The Blacklist and Scandal like nobodies business!
    Happy Friday!

  2. Don't you love it when things calm down at work?!

  3. It is so nice to have someone to talk to and it's really great that you get to spend alone time with your husband. Im just thinking Im glad it's the weekend. We homeschool so I really look forward to the weekends :)

  4. It is always nice to work with a friend! It helps make time fly and fun!! Have fun at your church dinner!

  5. I haven't heard of Heartland. I'm glad you like your job and have a co-worker there you already know. :)

  6. What's on my mind is that I have a TON of work to do to get caught up and prepare before a mini-vacation next week. But what I really want to right now is watch the episode of Nashville I have waiting on my DVR.

  7. I can definitely understand enjoying the alone time. Even if we are just hanging out together, it's nice to just be able to completely unwind and talk about anything without worrying about little ears, sometimes.

  8. What's on my mind? Working all weekend. Ugh. I am not amused. I wish it was my year end at present and I wish I was at Atlantis riding a waterside. I have heard of Heartland. It's lovely. I think if it's the same show I am thinking of it has a Canadian actress in it. She lends her name to a lot of cool things and fundraisers where I live in London, Ontario - Amber Marshall? Is that the one you mean?


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