Wednesdays for Women- Week 4- Patience

{To Inspire and Encourage}

For the next few weeks I want to share a little study about the Fruit of the Spirit. 

Patience- this is one we can all say one time or another we lost.. 

as a mom on a daily basis, i have to apologize and ask her to forgive me because I lost my patience with her, 
it is easy for us to loose patience with our spouse because they are "spending to much time playing a game and not with us" 
we can loose our patience with our friends, - they say they will be there at a particular time and guess what they don't show up 
we loose patience with God because when we pray, we want it to be done now; 
we wait 9 months for our new baby and every day from about 7 months on, we complain.. I am to hot, i'm to fat, i can't move... yet when we see that new baby everything is forgotten
we live in a generation when people want a microwave life- instantly, they do not want a slow cooker life.
In a small sense we wait in line for a vanilla latte, we wait for our car to fill up with gas, we wait for the cable guy to show up (between 8 and 12…ha! usually it’s 2:10). In a bigger sense we wait to meet the man of our dreams, we wait nine months for our baby to be born, we wait for a job promotion or a pay increase. Waiting is a fact of life on earth, if we have patience this waiting is easier.
Hmmm… perhaps the Lord is saying to us today — Be patient my child, if you wait on me I will give you a treat!
WE need Patience on a daily and even some times by the minute.
Do you consider your self a Patient  person


  1. I have to work on my patience as well. I seem to have an infinite amount - until I'm hungry or my sugar drops. Then monster mom comes out and no one likes her, not even me.

  2. I don't think I'm a very patient person and I know I have to work on it. Especially with my kids, I need more patience with them!

  3. Patience is a virtue that I can always strive to improve on. Especially as a mother and wife. Thanks for another great reminder. :)

  4. no I do not consider myself a patient person, it's something I have to pray about!

  5. There is a reason why they call patience a virtue… it is difficult to have sometimes, I can admit that.


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