Yes, I am yelling that, it was very good to know I survived my first year end season at work, today we went out for poutine for lunch, I had a BBQ chicken poutine
 I really enjoy the ladies I work with, they are so fun and easy to talk to. 

We dropped Brooke of at a friends house for the night because they have a quizzing tournament on Saturday and we can't make it because we have a very busy day.. 

I took a little nap.. had a rough 2 nights previously, found out I have a kidney stone so some of my pain was from that. 

Had to go to the church after to begin setting up for Saturday's dinner- once per year we put on a big dinner for some surrounding churches and community, this year we are doing:
Ham dinner with veggies and a Kentucky Ginger cake for dessert, I am excited to see how it turns out, I came home and cooked 2 ham's, and made 2 cakes. 
Watched some more Heartland and went to bed. 

The alarm went off way to early for a Saturday morning, no one should see the clock before 11 am on a Saturday ;) 

I got to the church to help the decorator, she ( Pastor’s wife) did a yellow/black theme and it looked absolutely amazing as you can see in the below pic ..
we served nearly 100 people a ham dinner-
ham, mashed potatoes, corn,peas, cole slaw and rolls, it was a beautiful meal, for dessert we had Kentucky Ginger cake with whipping cream, it was delicious, for the most part things went well, i love being the hospitality coordinator and so relieved when things run smoothly. 

We got home around 5 pm, i had to take a nap because I had a pounding headache, everyone worked so hard to make this a success. 


Went to morning service where I watched as a dear friend received his spirit, I was so glad to be a part of it.
Made roast beef, mashed potatoes, veggies and bread rolls
Took a little nap, my girlie looked like a teenager today...

That does it for another weekend around here :) 


  1. Whenever you post about food I get hungry. LOL

    Sounds like you had another busy weekend...I love reading about your church events. It always sounds so welcoming and supportive. You should also be their PR coordinator, as you do such a great job at highlighting the great things that they are doing. :)

  2. your weekends sound as busy as mine--and such great events making wonderful memories--glad you were able to fit it all in again and have time to enjoy your BFF's B-day :)

  3. mmm BBQ chicken poutine sounds yummy!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time, oh the BBQ chicken poutine looks so good! Happy Birthday to your friend also :0)

  5. What a busy weekend. So sorry to hear about your pain. I hope it is at ease soon. BBQ Chicken poutine, YUM!


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