Confessional Friday

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It is Friday again and I Confess

1) I have had a rough week with Dr's, surgeries, needles, gross food, nurses- I got home on Thursday and ended up going back in just after midnight on Friday with an allergic reaction, my entire face was swollen-they were worried about it being a Staph Infection, but it seems to be just a allergic reaction to something used in the operating room... I'm glad to be home and recovering 

2) one incision hurts a lot but 2 like I have is excruciating. I am so glad today I can rest and finally shower 

3) My Bladder is working like NEVER before :p

4) Tomorrow night we have a graduation party for the student who used to live with us, he invited us to go because his parents cannot be there, I hope I feel ok to go. 

What's on your mind today 


  1. Oh, no. It's awful that you feel so bad. Hope the weekend helps you heal!

  2. Hugs to you, you have had a rough week. Also a staph infection could have been bad news. Glad to hear things are looking up.

  3. I hope you begin to feel better for the weekend.
    Our week has been full of Dr. Appointments for my daughter. And even more next week. Plus had to drop the car off for more repairs. /sigh. IT never ends does it?

  4. I had stomach flu at the beginning of the week, I'm confessing that I'm starting an adapted juice diet because I think it was a sign. I hope you start to feel better and next week's confessions are more positive.

  5. Wow, jeez - I hope you feel better soon, or atleast well enough to go to the party :)

  6. I hope you felt good enough to go too. Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction and the pain. Hoping for better days soon. And hurrah that your bladder's working happily. :)


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