Truthful Thursday- Favourite Social Media Platform

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What is your Favourite Social Media Platform?

What was life like before all the popular Social Media Platforms, I really don't remember what we did before Facebook..
I am not a big user of a lot of social media, right now I LOVE Instagram, i love posting pictures, and looking at pictures, after IG, it would be Facebook, I wish I could get rid of it, i want to close it out but I don't have the will power...

Instagram has the coolest shops- people take pictures of items and post it for sale, and i love shopping on there; )
Feel free to follow me on the below Social Media platforms

Facebook ( Personal)
Facebook ( Blog) 

thats really the only ones i use besides blogger and if you are here, you know that already

What are your favourite ones?


  1. no pinterest for you? I love pinterest and instagram and my recent addiction is google +. I think I am a social media addict.

  2. Twitter would be my 31 for my blog, facebook for personal

  3. before Social Media; I didn't talk to any of my friends. lol. No seriously; FB became popular when I was living in Germany. And I'm horrible at keeping up with emails. So when FB came around; I was able to connect with my friends and family back in USA. So it was awesome.

    But with the recent changes FB has made...I really DO NOT like it any more.
    I love PInterest and Google+
    Those are my favorites.

  4. I love Pinterest! But mainly I'm on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when I'm mobile.

  5. It's so hard to pick a fave, because I like them for different reasons. I can probably narrow it down to two and say Twitter and Pinterest.

  6. It is almost impossible to pick just one favorite. I love Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook and use them often every day. I also love Instagram, although I feel like it's been a little slower for me to get in the habit of using.

  7. I don't have a smart phone so I don't have Instagram. I know sponsors love it, and people do too. :)

  8. I love Twitter...it is my favourite social network. Instagram is great too. I am with you on the Facebook feeling...if it weren't for LBN I would only use it for friends and family.


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