Happy 23 to the most Incredible Brother

I remember all too well the night mom told us, we were getting a new sibling, I remember what we were doing ( sitting at the dinner table), I remember what we were eating ( bbq pork), i remember how upset I was that I was getting another "sister"- both Rachel and I didn't want another sister, we wanted a brother but we didn't think we were going to get one, so we cried for a long time. 

Then you were born and your first few hours, you fought for life, we were so worried... the day you came home, we made a real party for your home coming, because you are so incredible and well deserved. 

You make us laugh with your jokes, your funny text messages, your humour, yet you make us proud of your accomplishments... your degree, your hard working, and I know the future holds nothing but great things for you. 

You have an adorable Niece who loves you so much, she knows how incredible you are. 

I have no idea how it happened but my brother turned into a man.  I’m not speaking of his age, but of his character.  He has so much character.  I’m not exactly sure where he learned it but he has all of the strength, humor, wisdom, and patience that it takes to be one of the good guys.  There is no other way to describe him anymore than to say that he is, most definitely, a man.
A good man. A solid man.  The type of man you want in your life.
And I’m lucky enough to call him my brother.   

We love you 


  1. What a sweet Blog post dedication!!! On my Blog, I ramble on and on about food and MY family (kids and husband) but forget to mention my other family members...the ones who helped shape me into the person I am today! What a great and thoughtful idea ;-)

  2. This is so heartwarming. I love seeing all of the love that you have for those that you hold near and dear!

  3. This is a nice post!! A big happy Birthday to him!


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