Weekend Recap

Jot Note form because Im to miserable and in pain tonight 

-hubby came home with Roses- 36 to be exact

- slept most of the day because I didn't sleep much the night before as I ended up in the hospital with a serious allergic reaction to something used in the operating room, it was very scary.
-Resting, sleeping and more resting for the day

- slept most of the day away again- they say sleep is good for healing :p
- I went to a graduation banquet because the student who used to live with us was graduating and his parents couldn't be there so he invited us to go along and we did, it was nice

So Proud of him 

we had service with the McCurah's- she is a christian councillor, they are both here for the week, she is holding some counselling sessions for some people who wanted to talk to her, I think it will be good for her. 
- after PM service- we had friends over for chilli, it was the last chilli of the year, the weather is to warm now... 

I have to praise on my hubby here for a min
he has been so incredible this week while I am recovering, he has cooked food, got me EVERYTHING I have wanted, would't let me do to much, wouldn't let me of the bed without helping me, would not leave me alone for 5 mins, always making sure I had everything I wanted/needed, he is  worth everything to me, not just for what he does, but what he is , we celebrate 1 years of marriage next weekend. 


  1. Sounds like your body is doing what it needs to do to take care of itself, keep listening to it!

  2. Those are beautiful flowers! What a great husband :)

    Michelle F.

  3. I'm thinking of you in your recovery and am so glad that you have tremendous support!

  4. This week will be even better for you. Rest so your body will heal.


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