All about Brooke

All About Brooke

I know i seldom to post about my pride and joy
thats because when i go to write something
it changes and she don't like dressing up for a picture post, so here goes

She is 9 years old, how can i have a 9 year old? How is that even possible?
She is so friendly and has a lot of friends, yet she misses her friends back in Newfoundland. 
She is loving her iPad times
She is such a good helper, i don't ask her to do a lot but she is willing to do what i ask
She don't want cuddles much anymore-but we do lay in her bed with her at night and chat with her or cuddle :p
She is above average reader at school and at home
She is fully bilingual 
She is a book lover- you give her money, she is off to chapters
She is in bible quizzing here and i couldn't be more proud
She is part of the school band and right now is playing clarinet
She loves to sing
She LOVES to dance
She plays piano and guitar
She loves food, she will eat anything but mushrooms…
She is a friend to all 
Still don't like to sleep

such a delight to be her momma. she reads my blog so she will read your lovely comments


  1. I love to read too. In the process of trying to win books now in order to do book reviews. Sounds like you have a great daughter.

  2. She sounds like a wonderful little girl. :)


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