Weekend recap

Good Friday- the day he died for us. It is a holiday here, so it felt like a Saturday all day ...
I cleaned the house and changed Brooke's room around because she always hits the wall in the middle of the night and wakes me...{i like my sleep}
I was feeling very sad because this is our first Easter without family...i had no one i could invite over because everyone was busy with family, my parents were supposed to be here today but because dad got sick, it didn't happen. 
So i was wondering how to spend the day~ my friend Faith asked us to come over for pizza with her family, we had so much fun.  I am so glad we had the invite to go. 
For being off work and not having to get up on Saturday for work- we still went to bed early. 

Slept late despite that early bed time on Friday 
Realized that i didn't get Brooke a Easter dress { we always do that here}
in a panic i went to the mall 
it was very very busy....
Went to H&M and they hardly had anything for her- i wanted to get her  dress but she made me promise that she didn't have to dress fancy...
nothing there to be found- so we decided to go to Walmart to see what they had...found her a gorgeous white skirt, but no shirt to wear with it, she wanted to go back to H&M  because she saw a shirt she really liked...so we bought the shirt which was more then the skirt was......
Once i left the mall i had to go to the church to decorate our Sunday School room- i wanted to make it fun for the kids so with a budget from Pastor this is what we created:
 This is the ceiling, it is supposed to look like you are underground, because we are talking about " Bring Grounded in Truth" We still have a lot to do with it yet, but we will complete it soon. My assistant teacher is so amazing- so easy to work with, i love it. 

 Our book that we use- i know it says VBS but it can be used anytime, they had so much fun today in class, we also had a puppet show, Kids love puppets. 
Got home just after 5 pm, and i babysat Olivia for my sister who went to see a drama, that kid is so sweet, i seriously would love to have her here more, {hint sister, i know your reading}, she loves Uncle Andrew and he likes her too, in fact she had to "share" his dinner last night, hahah
Brooke also had a friend over for a sleepover, they all played together nicely. Olivia went home around 10pm, i started having a flare up just before she arrived to get her, tried to fight it myself but no luck, hospital again.. was only there just over 2 hours and i was back home, this pain is so funny because ya never know when or why. 

The day Christ arose
Easter Sunday service is my favourite of the year... 
just a feeling of rejoicing and praise because he did this for me, his love is so amazing. 
Here is my girl this morning:

We had Sunday school and the kids loved the room and we had a great time. 
I made BBQ ribs, baked potato and rice for lunch, for the 3 of us- was very nice. 
Brooke did her easter egg hunt this afternoon, she had fun.
We didn't go all out for the basket because she gets whatever she wants, when ever she wants... 

I then had my Sunday nap :p
For the PM service we went to a drama called  "The Messiah"
i am so overwhelmed with emotions when i hear the story of his death, burial and the joy of his Resurrection, they did an amazing job, so glad we went.
We went to Wendy's after service, i hate how i feel after eating at those fast food greasy places.
Ended my day with a win for the Bruins :) Love it 

How was your weekend.


  1. My weekend was quiet. I stayed at home alone all weekend, something that I very rarely get to do so it was fantastic. I needed this. No alarm clocks, no one needing anything from me...I could do whatever I want. #bliss :)


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