Anniversary week

Saturday May 4th is our 11th wedding anniversary, so this will be "LOVE" week, each day i am hoping to post something about love, wheter it be our proposal story, our dating story ( how we came to be), things about us etc.. 
(so handsome is my baby)

Dear Andrew, 
I've known you my whole life. But only in my heart. I would dream of you for so long. So many represented you. My dad. Every Ken doll I ever played with. Every prince in every Disney cartoon. The lead character in every John Hughes film. And, then you became a reality. But only after I found me could I find you. Because you stood for the other half of me. You allowed me to be me. You've helped me achieve my dreams. I reach further knowing if I fall you'll be there to catch me. You've given me the greatest gift I can ever know. The gift of motherhood.

The life we've created together was made out of pure love. We will raise her with pure love. And, one day we will smile at each other knowingly as she finds her own soul mate. Thank you my love for the brilliant life we've created together. Thank you for making all my dreams come true.

You make me feel loved, you make me feel safe, but more importantly, you make me feel wanted.

We both knew our friendship would grow right from the very first day we spoke. But, neither one of us could begin to imagine the love we both feel, not exploding or thundering into our hearts, but just slowly growing into a beautiful relationship that only you and I can understand. 

We don't even need to be together, we are never apart. 

You are my soul mate, 

my best friend,

my inspiration,

my love.

Love Always,



  1. This is an incredibly beautiful post! Aweee made me smile. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. Many more years to come :)

  2. Happy Anniversary.

    It's always great to read about love when dark and despair hunt our world lately.

    Big plans for the big day celebration?

  3. What a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary to both of you.

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely tribute. Enjoy your day!

  5. What a romantic, heartfelt post. It's very nice!

  6. Aw, how sweet! Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Beautiful and so well said... you've always known him! Happy Anniversary!

    ~Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.


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