Weekend Recap

Friday- I decided to go to the mall to pass out some resumes and to do some light shopping, needed a few things and Brooke had a birthday party to go to that evening.
Here are some pictures of " Cinderella "

They had a princess theme party and this was the only pictures i took, it was a nice party and when we left there it was stormy with snow falling etc, imagine middle of April and we are getting a storm, it is all done again now though. 
I was having a bladder flare up all day and it wasn't getting any better. So i went to the hospital at 11:30, when i arrived there my blood pressure was really high and my heart rate was very high.  So they needed to get this down before they could look into my pain further. So they got me in a bed and started an IV- then all of a sudden a friend showed up at my bed side ( the same lady we stayed with, when we first moved here) , it was nice to see someone that i knew, they did the IV and blood work all at the same time, {that HURT} but at least it was both done at the same time- i am a crying baby when i get needles, so very tired of this pain...
they gave me a shot of Morphine and Gravol {because it makes me very sick}, after 40 mins there was no change and they gave  me another shot, my pain went from on a scale of 1-10 , it was a 10 until the second shot and then it went to a 9, but heart rate was very high still so they wanted to get pain down to see if it would come down once pain was settled. 
So they gave me another shot but i can't tell ya what it is, that one really burned when it went in , but it brought my pain way down, and i was feeling much better once it started working.  I got home around 5 am, and i was so out of it ( nauseated, dizzy) i couldn't even make it to get my pj's on, i crawled into the first bed i saw( Brooke's) and slept until 12:00 pm- i was so out of it, then i woke up with a splitting headache. 

Saturday: Spent the majority of the day sleeping away the pain medication, was so thankful that the Dr knew a lot about Interstitial Cystis  and also told me some more triggers, he told me Sugars and Dairy products are a big NO-No... great, just great..also need to eat "grain" fed meat...
but i am ready to change my diet more then i have before, this disease will not bring me down, i will bring it down and will fight it with a healthy diet.  there are still so many things that i can find to eat, without a doubt. My Pastors wife eats "clean" and she has told me many things that will help me and things that i can eat, she brought me some cinnamon swirl bread, made very clean and i am in love with it, i ate 3 pieces immediately, that stuff was so tasty, i think i may actually enjoy this. i like veggies, and fruit ( although i can only eat blueberries, cantaloupe, melon... not many choices but ill survive. If you have any clean recipes, please share them with me:

Sunday : we had to drive across town to pick up a lady that didn't have a ride, so we got her and i was later getting set up for Sunday school, glad my assistant was able to set up pretty well everything. She is so awesome. 
Our lesson today was about "Adam and eve"- the kids love the puppet plays and skits that we do now, i am so happy with it too. 
Not that I'm so awesome or anything, but they needed a change and hence i brought the change in. 
Came home from church, made roast beef and scallop potatoes for Andrew and Brooke, while i sat there and ate some toast.... i was dying for the food they had but i was well behaved. 
Pastors wife gave me some 'clean' cinnamon swirl bread and i ate that for a snack, so that's about all i had today. Ill be losing some weight too #BONUS
Sunday evening service was AWESOME, the power of God swept in and wow, we tore the place up, a guy that has been coming for a while got baptized, he also almost got his spirit, i love it when people come to God and change their lives. 
There is no feeling like HIS presence. I feel so privileged to be able to worship our Jesus. 

Have a phenomenal Week. 

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  1. Hope you're feeling better. That had to be awful feeling. I'm ready to see what all you can eat. I believe diet is also a trigger to my stomach issues.


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