School age years book review

Review of the Christian Momma's guide to the Grade school years

Every mom needs this book in their library
It is packed full of amazing advice, knowledge and hints and tips on how to survive all those attitudes that come with age and the school years. 

I loved this book. The author is down to earth and has lots of insight into your child starting grade school, whether you choose public, private or homeschool. It's less about how to deal with the actual issues your child will face (although that's in there, too) and more about dealing with the "why" of the issues that come up. Like, why your child lied to the teacher (maybe they just didn't want to get in trouble). I bookmarked many of the lists in this book (I'm a list person!) like The Fifteen Factors, ways to build social-emotional skills in your kids, how to use your kids' interests to help them learn, and ways to incorporate scripture into praising your kids. I can see myself reading this book many times in the next few years!

I received this book for free in exchange for a honest review. 

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