Happy 22nd Birthday

22 years ago  when Mom told us, we were going to have a new sibling, i got so upset and cried and was so sad, but i am so glad you are a part of our family, i would trade you for anything

On your birthday i want you to know just how special you are
  1. Funny - he’s always making people laugh
  2. Loving - he has a heart of gold and everyone likes him
  3. Kind - he does not know how to be mean-spirited
  4. Generous - he gives freely of his time and resources so no one is ever without
  5. Optimistic - he sees the best in everyone, everything and every situation
  6. Friendly - he always greets people with a warm smile and an honest handshake
  7. Laid back - he doesn’t take life too seriously.  He rolls with it.
  8. Forgiving - he never holds grudges against those unfair to him
  9. Compassionate - he feels for those less fortunate and he elevates their spirits
  10. Intelligent - he’s incredibly bright, a quick learner and a good teacher
  11. Helpful - he’s always the first person to lend a helping hand
  12. Tenacious - he stays determined and focused on the prize despite all of life’s obstacles
  13. Sincere - when he speaks to you, his eyes connect with yours in tenderness
  14. Polite - he speaks to everyone with such grace and gentleness
  15. Articulate - when he speaks, people stay engaged
  16. Hard working - he uses his hands and gets dirty even when he doesn’t need to work
  17. Smart - he is working on his 3rd year in univeristy 
  18. Dark, tall and handsome - well…..he is my brother! :p
  19. Carefree - he allows himself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life every day
  20. Confident - he sets goals and knows exactly what steps he’ll take to accomplish them
  21. Fearless - he takes big risks and gets big rewards
  22. Trustworthy - I would trust my brother with my life

Love you Mike and so glad you are my brother <3 


  1. Aww, what a nice post. I hope my daughter feels so wonderful like this about her brothers too when she's older! Happy Birthday to your bro. :)

  2. Aww .... this is so lovely! I am fortunate to have a brother like this too. Was my best buddy growing up and now we both of kids of similar ages.

  3. What a lovely tribute! And he plays guitar, too - definitely a keeper!

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