Yesterday the phone rang
This was a possible employer and they wanted to do a phone interview so we went thru that,
then they wanted me to do some testing, did that and I Passed...
So today I had to go in for a face to face interview. 

They also told me while i was there that the job was mine if I wanted.
Well off course i wanted it
so i start at Monday at Bell Aliant- which is our phone company here in Canada. Very big company, i am so excited to work for them. 

Thank you all so much for the emails, the phone calls, the text, the  facebook msgs, everything that showed me you cared. <3


  1. Congrats! It sounds like they knew what they wanted and so did you!

    FYI: I'm visiting from the blog hop. :-)

  2. Big congrats, that's awesome news!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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