Friday Confessional

Confessional Friday {inspired by A Blonde Ambition}

1) I confess to you that i am so excited that my parents will arrive in about 36 hours, i cannot even sleep tonight

2) I confess my daughter is so intelligent that she makes me giddy when she comes home to tell me that her teacher has asked her to do a solo for the end of year concert 

3) I confess that this is my first week of eating "clean" and i have lost 7 lbs but tonight i almost caved for cake with lots of icing, but i didn't. 

4) I confess that my 11th anniversary is coming up and i fall more in love with my husband every single day, when he tells me he loves me i melt.  

So what do you confess this week? 


  1. These are great confessions. Glad you've got your parents coming to visit, that's always fun. :)

    I confess to NOT dipping in my son's Easter candy once this week. :)

  2. Wow, sounds like you had an amazing week. And I just have to say: SEVEN POUNDS??? Double wow. Good for you. Having just polished off 1/2 bag of chocolate covered almonds, I may have to email you and ask you your secret ;)

  3. Wow for you!! Seven lbs is quite the accomplishment - congratulations!!


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