Creating a cozy home in time for christmas

The holidays are here; the countdown to Christmas is on, and kids (of all ages) are excitedly waiting to see what the big day will bring. Your mind is probably thinking about how you’re going to navigate all the shopping that needs to be done, taking care of visiting relatives, and how you are going to stock up on all the food and drink that will be consumed. Aside from the Christmas tree, lights, and perhaps some garlands; taking care of household admin and tasks may have slipped to the bottom of your priority list. However, ensuring that you’ve got a safe, well-maintained, and cozy environment for the festive season and into the new year will help you to relax and enjoy all the parties, gift-giving, eating, and merriment.

The last thing you want to happen is problems with the function or comfort in your home during the holidays, especially when it’s an issue that might not get resolved until the new year. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to look at each area of your house and work out what might need some attention sooner rather than later. Roll up those sleeves, rope in the rest of the family, and write down a household priority list to tackle as soon as possible; even if it sparks some ideas for the new year, you’ll feel confident that your home is performing as it should over winter. The following are some tips, ideas, and inspiration for those who want to create a cozy house in time for Christmas, and be safe in the knowledge they’ll have a warm and comfortable winter ahead with their family.

Hot Water, No Leaks, And Toasty Feet

During the winter months; houses of any age can suffer from freezing temperatures. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that your pipes and plumbing are in great condition and water is able to travel quickly and efficiently throughout your home. A frozen or burst pipe will lead to minor or major flooding in your home and result in a cold and damp environment that nobody wants to reside in. If you’re unsure; it might be worth contacting a plumber for your home who will be able to tell you more about the condition of your plumbing and prevent any issues in the future. It’s also worth having the contact details of an emergency plumber who will come out at any hour so that you’ll have peace of mind and won’t be fretting each time the pipes make an unusual noise (it’s winter; it can happen).

Your boiler and heating system also need to be up to scratch so that the whole family can enjoy hot showers and warm baths during the frosty months. Trying to get the kids washed in cold water is an ordeal that no parent should have to put up with, especially during the festive season. Therefore, get someone in to check your boiler and ensure that it’s in great working order for another year. If you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace; you’ll want to hear the crackle of wood and feel the warmth of the flames throughout winter. Fireplaces always need to be cleaned out properly, and it’s worth investing in annual sweeps of your chimney (it’ll also ensure that Santa can make his way down safely).

Stock up on the little touches that can bring extra warmth to your cold evenings in front of the T.V, or early nights to bed. Hot water bottles for the family, a thick winter duvet, and plenty of blankets and throws will ensure that you’re all able to get cozy, without using up too much household energy so that you can save your money. You can invest in warming pads for your pets; your cat or dog will love snuggling up onto a warm bed of their own, and they’ll be less inclined to jump up onto yours to stay warm. It’s also always a smart idea to have some backup heaters that you can plug in should you need extra heat, or if something goes awry regarding your heating; you’ll always be thankful for cozy insurance policies.

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Warm Up Your Senses

If your home is filled with all the things that make you and your family feel snug and warm; you’ll have created a cozy home that will be comforting beyond the festive season and into the new year. The new year is a great chance for a fresh start; however, it can sometimes feel a little bleak when all the Christmas decorations have been taken down. Therefore, start putting things around your home that will last beyond Christmas, but that will add warming charm and plenty of character. As previously mentioned; blankets and throws are a great way to bring physical heat to your family. However, they can also provide a pop of color and prints that are fitting with the winter season. Throw in some cushions to match, and you’ll all be able to sink into softness when you’re watching your favorite Christmas movies.

Lighting will make a huge difference to your environment; so, invest in warm laps, string lights, and even a dimmer switch for your living area so that you can make a space feel relaxed and inviting. Again, it’s worth contacting a professional to come and review your electrics, so speak to a reputable electrician and ensure that there are no power outages at crucial times over all the festivities. Candles can bring a cozy flicker and a delicious scent to a room, so get into the habit of lighting them when you get home and fill our home with the smells of baking or winter foliage. Tea lights dotted around the darker areas of the home will also add interest to neglected places and ensure that each bit of your house feels homely.

If you’ve checked your house is in great working order, stocked up on warming items, and added the cozy touches everywhere; you’ll have a lovely, laidback Christmas, and will be able to stay comfortable throughout the new year.

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