Winter is a time for the cold snows to blow in and block up our doorways, forcing us to resort to the back up cans of soup we have in the cupboard whilst we dig the car out. However, that doesn't mean we should be shivering when we’re inside! Here’s a few tips on helping the house keep warm, and your health top notch during these colder months.

Keep Your Curtains Open

During the day, you want to bask in as much sunlight as you can, and that means keeping all windows free and clear for the limited sunlight we have during winter! The sun is a wonderful warming icon in the sky, so use it to full effect for your household needs.

This is especially good if you’re all going to be out for the day and you don’t want to leave the heating or thermostat on. Let the weather do its job, whilst also carrying a nip in the air.

Use Blackout Curtains

You don’t even have to change your curtains for this to take effect, as plenty of stick on linings can be applied to the curtains you already have, and then taken off again when the warmer weather blows back in. You’ll want to close your curtains at night to trap in the heat and warm air you spent the whole day cultivating, and the blackout part of the equation is a better insulator than anything else.

You can also get insulated curtains if that still isn’t warm enough for you and your family, which are quite heavy duty drapes that can be specially installed for the winter periods.

Use Some Draught Excluders

Heat leaks can come from anywhere, but you can take care of some of them more easily than others. For example, the bottom of doors loses us about 11% of the heat we pay for in our bills, so we’re just losing out on money if we don’t pay attention to this!

Look into the spaces and thin walls in the attic and basement, as these can leak heat without us even knowing. We think of walls as providing protection from the outside elements, but sometimes they’re just not up to the task. Even contact a professional for some free advice on where to look.

Give Your Roof the Once Over

Considering we lose most of our body heat out of our heads, the same applies for our houses. Poor roofing can let in both the cold and damp, and a little bit of mold if it gets too bad.

If you feel like you need some new roofing you still have a chance to book in now before Christmas is properly here, and the busy months of January and February have rolled around. It’s good to even book in a proper check up, especially if you’ve been noticing a chill in your bones despite pumping central heating throughout the house.

Your house’s heating doesn’t have to be hard to keep up with. 

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