Have A Happy Handmade Christmas

The act of giving at Christmas is the sort of thing that fills your heart with joy
and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
There’s no better feeling than witnessing your nearest and dearest opening the gift that you have
carefully chosen for them and seeing a beaming smile emerge across their faces.
The only thing to top this is to wrap up something that you have crafted or made with your own fair
hands. Of course, you can buy the swankiest leather wallet or the most luxurious winter socks,
but making something yourself shows that added level of thought.
Take a look at these handmade Christmas presents that you could be giving to your family and
friends this festive season.


When you think of Santa Claus squeezing his way down your chimney,
it’s only right that you leave a cookie or two out for him.
If you love nothing more than whipping up a baking storm in the kitchen,
you should consider crafting some festive cookies for your closest pals.
You could head down the retro route and make some sherbet infused shortbreads or some rhubarb and
custard creams. If you have a friend with a particularly sweet tooth, double or triple chocolate rounds
will go down a treat.

If you don’t have the time to actually bake the delicious morsels yourself, why not take the easy way out
and create a jar mix. Layer up the sweet ingredients such as milk chocolate drops, bitter cocoa and
vanilla pods in a posh looking Kilner jar and encourage your best mate to have a go at cooking their
own double chocolate brownies. Attach a recipe to your gift and hey presto,
you’ll make your friend a baker yet!

Chunky Knit Scarf

If you enjoy getting out the crochet, knitting needles and yarn, or you adore nothing more than working
on your beloved sewing machine, why not combine your hobby with the perfect cozy gift.
Nothing oozes more Christmas spirit than a reindeer laden or snowman patterned thick knit scarf.
If you’re making a few for siblings, cousins and long lost aunties, think about buying bulk fabric to keep
your costs down. Creating a range of festive knits and distributing them amongst family and friends will
give them that all-important festive glow.

Clove And Orange Soap

The sweet mulled wine smells, and hot cider aromas can be encapsulated within a bar of
homemade soap. You can experiment with a range of different scent combinations,
but clove, orange, star anise and cinnamon all give off a Christmassy aroma.
The art of soap making isn’t as tricky as you might expect. All you need is a decent mold and the
capability of heating up all of your fats and essential ingredients to the appropriate temperature.

Make this Christmas and handmade festive affair. Turn your back on the mass-produced guff and
over-hyped consumerism, and venture along the homemade path to create lovingly crafted gifts for all of
your family and friends.

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