Keep Your Child Safe and Childproof Your Bathroom

A lot of parents spend their time worrying about the possible accidents their child may have when playing outside. However, there are some serious dangers lurking inside the home if one is not careful enough. For instance, bathroom, no matter how small, can be a source of injuries for your child. In that respect, it’s best to childproof it to be on the safe side. So, what can you do to make this room more secure and child-friendly? Keep on reading to find out.

Lock the toilet
You can easily get a lock for your toilet bowl which is why this should be the first thing you tend to when childproofing your bathroom. In general, kids are curious and love to play with water. In that respect, toilet and flushing can seem very interesting to them. However, you don’t want your child touching, and in some cases even drinking this water. In that respect, a toilet lock is the way to go.

Restrict access to electrical devices
It would be best to add plenty of storage to your bathroom once the child comes. Not only will you have everything in one place, but you’ll also have more options to block the child’s access to electrical devices such as hair dryers, curling irons, etc. If you have drawers and cabinets in your bathroom that can be locked, make sure to keep these devices there. On the other hand, if you can’t keep them under a lock and key, install a cabinet, or a shelf, or use a storage space that’s far from your child’s reach.

Get anti-slip mats
This is very important when childproofing your bathroom. After all, the possibility of slipping is real for adults as well, let alone a small child. In that respect, you should place anti-slip mats in your bath tub as well as outside of it. That way, your child will be safe from falling down and getting hurt. You have to be aware that even small water levels can pose a drowning hazard to a small child. With that in mind, you should never take the risk of your child slipping while in a tub.

Choose your tub wisely
It’s not just about placing anti-slip mats in your bath tub. If you’re designing a bathroom for your family with the child’s safety in mind, you should also carefully consider different types of bath tubs to find one that will fit your needs and the look of your bathroom. Aside from slipping, your child can also get hurt because of the sharp bath spouts. Therefore, you need to carefully consider how the whole bath system will work to provide the maximum safety for your kid. If you can, use soft covers for the spouts as well.

Hide anything dangerous
Aside from your electrical devices, you should also block access to other bathroom necessities that can cause an accident or a health issue for your child. In that respect, sharp razors have to be kept somewhere your kid can’t reach them. Also, keep in mind that deodorants and even some toiletries can actually be toxic for a child who doesn’t know how they’re used. Keep them somewhere high up or in a locked cabinet if you have one. In that respect, if you have a trash can in your bathroom, use a lock on the trash can doors similar to the toilet one, or keep it in the said cabinet as well.

Of course, don’t forget about your daily routine. Childproofing your bathroom is necessary but you still have to be careful. When preparing for a bath, remember to bring out everything you need for your child beforehand. You simply cannot leave them unattended in this situation.

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