The diets of 2017 that people loved

Do love and diet even go in the same sentence? For a lot of people dieting is the bane of their life, but they have to do it if they want to change their ways and get healthy. A lot of people actually like dieting, weirdly enough. It does bring about so many health benefits, and since we live in an era that is surrounded by so many saturated fats and sugars, we really need to be considering these health benefits. Yes, giving up your beloved junk food is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Giving up alcohol is also one of the hardest things, but a lot of diets do actually require this, yet so many people struggle with it. But, if you have the determination and the right mindset to do it, then here are some of the best diets that 2017 has blessed us with.


The ketosis diet to a lot of people seems like a risky game. But if you do it properly it actually has more health benefits than it does risks. It is basically done by going on an extremely low carb diet. A lot of people cut out carbs altogether. When your body doesn’t have enough energy from the normal sources such as carbohydrates, it starts to use the fat stores within your body to get the energy it needs. Before you know it you’re rapidly dropping the pounds. It is a really effective method to use, but it does have the ability to make you pretty ill if you don’t treat your body right in other ways. Such a rapid carb drop will definitely make you feel nasty, so the best thing you can do is drop it gradually until you’re at a minimum level of carb intake per week. There are products out there such as the ones from KetoMCT that supplement the diet with some of the vitamins and minerals that may be lost from dropping so many carbs. These are the supplements that are going to keep you feeling healthy whilst you’re taking such a drop in carbs. This diet is really popular with the celebs, and if you do it properly there’s no way you won’t notice improvements. Just make sure you follow the online guides and don’t push yourself too fast to begin with.


This is definitely one of the most popular diets out there, it has a lot of health benefits for the people using it. It was designed to cut out all the processed and sugary foods that are now so present in our diet. It focuses on only eating grass fed meats, eggs, seeds and fruits and vegetables. No processed foods and sugars or salts are allowed whatsoever. But it is these foods that are so prominents in our diet. This is why so many people find it incredibly hard to do this diet, or at least stick to it for longer than two weeks. Even alcohol would have to go. It basically works on the premise that you can only eat what our caveman ancestors would have been able to forage from the ground around them. So anything man made has to go. But, the best thing about this diet is the energy it gives you. One of the reasons we’re always so fatigued, and our minds are always so clogged up is due to the food we’re putting inside our body. Sticking to things that are all natural is only going to do good for us. There’s still plenty of recipes out there that support the paleo diet. One big thing however is you will have to make sure you’re going dairy free. But, just like with the keto diet, you will start to notice results pretty fast. You might not notice any physical weight loss as fast as you would with keto, that’s one of the reasons why that is so popular. But you will quickly notice a difference in your mood and your energy levels, which to some people is a bigger bonus than the actual weight loss side of things.


The atkins diet has been around for a long time. It definitely isn’t as popular as the other two diets, but it does have the same amount of health benefits, and gives you the ability to drop the pounds in no time. It is really similar to the ketosis diet, but it isn’t really as demanding on your body. It is done in more of a stage sort of process. Phase one involves going through the ketosis stage that you would in the actual ketosis diet. They recommend only eating around 20g of carbs a day. But the have to be vegetarian carbs, not your average carbs like white or brown pasta. Then phase two reintroduces the foods you weren’t allowed to eat, e.g. every single carb known to man. You do this slowly until you learn what your body can take before it starts putting on weight through carbs again. Phase three is usually moved to when you have the last few pounds of your weight loss goal to lose. A lot of people drop their carbs again just a little before bringing them back up again for phase four. Phase four is the end phase, and is what you should be able to stay at for the rest of your life. This is where the atkins diet varies from the ketosis. Ketosis allows you to stay carb free, the atkins encourages to introduction of carbs back into the diet really early on in the process. As we said, it is a lot less strenuous on the body compared to ketosis. But ketosis gives you better results for longer, and once your body learns to live without the carbs that have been fuelling it, you’re reborn as a new person.

So there are three of the most popular diets we’ve seen this year. They’ve all been around for awhile, but it has only been this year where they all seem to have risen in popularity.

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