Maintain your family life routine using these tips

If you are working and looking after your family, you have all the skills of a busy secretary at a large company. You are in charge of keeping on top of cleaning, household bills, doctors’ appointments, and school meetings. It is a challenging task to make sure everyone knows where they need to be at certain times, and arranging transport for all kids so they can go to their soccer practice and birthday parties. If you want to make sure your family routine is maintained, and you are able to manage all appointments without having to make last minute adjustments, read below.
Keep a Diary at a Visible Place
A busy family life means a lot of appointments, dates, and arrangements. You will need to have a calendar or diary displayed in the busiest area of your home. Place it next to the fridge in the kitchen, or close to the front door, so your family members can keep on checking what is coming up. You need to look through the calendar every Sunday before the new week starts off, and remind everyone about what is happening. Make arrangements for meeting  and transport, and ask them to set their own reminders.
Use Your Phone as an Alarm
Parents have a lot of things to do, and they have limited time. To avoid missing important dates and meetings, you need to transfer your calendar onto your phone, so you can create a morning alarm on the day. If you need to pick up your child from their friends’ house at 7, get a reminder in the morning, so you can adjust your daily schedule, as well as a few hours before you need to start off. This way, you can avoid looking like a bad parent in front of others. We all forget things, but technology can keep us up to date.
Get the Kids Used to a Routine
If you want to avoid stress in the morning when you need to get the kids ready for school, you might want to set a clear wake up time and a deadline for them to get downstairs ready for breakfast, or waiting at the door. If you have a set time for completing all tasks in the morning, you can start off the kids in the morning easier. Create a kind of reward system for getting ready on time, and let them get used to the routine.
Set Clear Rules
If you want to save time on housework, you will need to set clear rules of behavior and hygiene. Teach your kids early that if they make a mess it is their responsibility to clean it up. Let them know that it is OK to give you their stained clothes immediately, instead of hiding them in their closet for weeks, just to find out that they cannot be rescued. Teach your kids early how to wash and brush their teeth, and as they get older, make them take responsibility for cleaning up the bathroom after themselves. Tell them that it is unacceptable to eat upstairs, and create punishments for breaking the rules. This will make your life easier, and you will not waste your time cleaning up unnecessary dirt and mess.
Team Up With Other Parents
If you feel like you are required to be at more than one place constantly, you should get help. Team up with family members or other parents, and take turns on delivering kids to the local baseball club or taking them out to the cinema. This way, you can have more time, and pay back the favor when it is convenient. If you are stuck with getting your kids to school on some mornings, ask another parent to pick them up, and offer to do the same on different days. Both of you will benefit, and your kids can make friends for life.
Make It Clear How Many Days Notice You Need
Kids are very good at coming up with plans that need to be completed yesterday. They might just realize that they need to complete an assessment for school, and it is 4 in the morning. To help them, you would need to take them down to the local library and pick them up after they completed their research. Make it clear that you are unable to drop everything, and they need to give you at least a few days’ notice, or your family schedule and routine will suffer. If they learn to take responsibility at an early age, you will have an easier life as a parent long term.
Make A Note of Your School Dates As Soon As You Get Letters
If your children’s school regularly sends out newsletters via the post or email, you might be tempted to put them away never to be seen again. Or it might go missing. Instead of embarrassing yourself calling the school, you should make a note of the events and meetings immediately. This way, you will not miss parents’ meetings or Christmas plays, and your kids can start making a paper airplane out of the letter.
Attend Routine Appointments As a Family to Save Time
If you need to go for a checkup at the local clinic, and your kids are due as well, you can ask for an appointment together. If your little one just fell off the bike and you need to arrange a dental treatment, you can book your routine appointment at the same time. Call your dentist and ask for a family appointment. See more. About family dental treatment options before you make a decision. You can save time and will reduce the number of appointments you need to keep in mind.
If you have a busy family life and you have to keep on top of work, school, housework, and be the personal assistant of everyone in the house, you might want to start getting organized. Invest in a display calendar, and make family members take responsibility. Set clear rules, and team up with other parents to save time and have a night off every now and then.

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