How to get the most out of your senses

Our senses are what allow us to experience the world around us as it should be experienced. It’s impossible to truly understand just how much we need them; we’re so used to having them, so accustomed to their presence, that it can be a struggle to imagine life without them.

Given how important our senses are to everything we do in life, it’s a good idea to want to take care of them. There are things you can do to not only prevent the development of complex health issues regarding your senses, but also ensure you can always get the most from the world around you.

Intrigued? Then read on for a comprehensive guide to making the most of your senses…


Your eyesight is arguably the most important sense you have. Here are a few ways to ensure that your vision always remains in great shape…

  • Always adequately light a room. Trying to force yourself to be able to see in a darkened room is a surefire way to strain your eyes. Always use correct lighting, especially if you’re doing something detailed, like reading a book.
  • Take an annual eye test. You should go to an optician to have your eye health and vision checked on an annual basis, especially if there is a history of eye diseases in your family.
  • Check your diet. For optimal eye health, ensure you’re consuming enough Vitamin A, C, and E. You can monitor your intake with food tracking apps, or take supplements (with your doctor’s approval) if you want to be certain you’re receiving your RDA.


Our hearing is so important to our safety, security, and our ability to interact with others. Being kind to your ears is crucial to maintaining this vital sense.

  • Be careful with sound. When something is loud, it’s easy to be dismissive of the impact it might have-- we see it more as an annoyance than a potential health issue. However, if you’re constantly bombarded with very loud noise during the day, then use adequate ear protection to ensure your hearing isn’t damaged.
  • Don’t put anything into your ear canal. Leave your ear canal alone; no exceptions. The only person who should ever access your ear canal is an audiologist.
  • Remove water from your ears after showering. Always let water run out of your ears after showering; excess water in your ear canal can cause an infection that ultimately perforates your ear drum.


Your sense of touch governs how you associate with the world around you. Here are a few ways to keep it in good shape.

  • Exfoliate your entire body regularly. Dead skin cells building up on the surface of your skin can dull your sense of touch.
  • Consider B12 medication. B12 is an essential nerve vitamin that can ensure your sense of touch is always at the top of its game.
  • Focus on how things feel. Think “soft” to yourself when you touch something soft, for example; this helps to reinvigorate the connection between the activity and what you’re actually feeling.


Our sense of smell is incredibly important; what we can smell can influence our moods, so you’re going to want to ensure your sense of smell can keep up with you.

  • Change the fragrances around you, so there’s always something new to smell. The easiest way to achieve this is by using an essential oil diffuser.
  • Try sniff therapy. There’s a great explanation of what this involves here; most people who try sniff therapy speak very approvingly of their experience!
  • Use a Neti-Pot. Regularly cleansing your nasal passages may feel strange at first, but you’ll love the results. Your sense of smell should improve, and if you suffer from issues such as post-nasal drip, a Neti-Pot should help bring this under control.


For full enjoyment of food, you’re going to need your taste buds to always be in fine form.

  • Eat different foods frequently. Keep your taste buds on their toes (so to speak) by introducing different flavors and textures to your diet.
  • Cleanse your palate before eating. A sorbet, for example, is a wonderful palate cleanser that will allow you to taste what you’re about to eat with more depth.
  • Drink more water. Water helps to cleanse your mouth and ensure that your taste buds are always ready to spring into action the next time you eat.


If you can keep the above in mind, you’ll be able to maintain a sense-sational life experience-- enjoy!en 

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