3 untold secrets for strong teeth at all ages

You may not think about it, but your teeth are essential in your everyday life. They are part of your communication skills. After all, a smile can say a lot that words can’t express. Now, what if you want to smile because you’re ashamed of your bad teeth? If you think you can get by without smiling in a day, try picturing how life would be without eating. Your teeth are crucial to chewing your food. Bad teeth limit significantly the kind of food you can eat and how you can eat it. Additionally, your teeth help to shape your face. Without them, your cheeks would sink in, and your lips would appear shallow, no matter how much contouring you try to apply. In short, there’s no denying that your teeth play a crucial part in your life and that they, therefore, deserve all your attention. Needless to advise you to brush your teeth and to keep regular dental checks; let’s assume that you already do all these. Instead, let’s focus on the untold truth about your teeth, all the things you may not think about.

Teeth and bones need calcium
For a start, you may be aware that the consumption of dairy products is directly linked to the strength of your bones. In reality, it has nothing to do with dairy products, but with calcium only which can be found in a variety of foods, including milk but not exclusive to it. In short, a lactose intolerance might not be an issue anymore to keep your bones strong. What you might have forgotten, though, is that your teeth are made of the same material than your bones, and consequently the consumption of calcium is beneficial for their strength too. However, calcium can only be assimilated if it is consumed alongside vitamin D, aka sunlight.

Get your braces smile
As surprising as it might sound, even adults might need to wear braces. It’s not uncommon for an orthodontist to recommend braces for a variety of patient cases. For instance, it is never too late to correct the alignment of your teeth, as they can still be pushed into place in your adult years. Additionally, a crossbite can lead to high risks of plaque buildup between your teeth, which can be avoided with a straight smile giving you access to all areas for cleaning. Finally, braces are a lot better today, so it’s likely that most people around you will not even notice that you’re wearing any. Forget about the metal mouth; it was a long time ago!

Brushing your teeth, yes but how
Do you think that you’re brushing your teeth properly? In fact, according to the National Smile Month poll, almost two-thirds of the population rinse their mouth with water after brushing their teeth, unaware that this habit increases the risk of tooth decay. Indeed, rinsing your mouth with water washes away the protective fluoride left from the toothpaste. In short, you should spit after brushing but refrain from rinsing.

The tales your teeth tell are much more complex than this. But it’s important to discover the little secrets to help your teeth get stronger and whiter, day after day!

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