3 simple steps to start preparing for Winter


With winter just around the corner now is the time to start preparing for the colder season. To make sure our homes are ready for the big winter freeze, it's always best to start planning in advance and to get all the preparations in place, slowly but surely, rather than a mad dash as the snow starts to come down. So here are our tops three tips on how to prepare your home in good time for winter.

Temperature Conditioning

We all know how much the bills can spike as the cold weather starts to come in. Thermostats get instantly spiked up to maximum as do our bills. Therefore a good way to avoid this problem is by changing the temperature in your house in the weeks leading up to the cold weather. By lowering the thermostat by a couple of degrees your family's body temperatures will get used to slightly lower temperatures meaning there will not be such a desperate need for extreme thermostat settings when the temperature drops.

Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes just investing a little money is going to make your life that much easier and some investments just prove to be worth every penny. If you live in a place that gets really heavy snow fall then why not save yourself the endless winters of manually clearing snow and get yourself the best electric snow blower that your budget will stretch to. Or perhaps you are constantly complaining that your drains get blocked from the frozen weather forecast so why not make your life easier by predicting your annual problems and get to them before it’s too late for yet another year. Thinking ahead about the kind of machinery or DIY around the house that will save you your usual winter grumbles will go a long way in making your winters a much happier time for you and your family.

Pre-Preventing Winter Rodents and Pests

We all know that the winter months can bring in all sorts of rodents and pests into our house as they seek hibernation from the cold outdoor elements. Everything from rats, spiders and cockroaches are all looking for shelter in the cold months and sadly for us, our homes are their favourite places of solace. That does not mean however that it has to be that way. Taking preventative measures well in advance of the winter chill means that we can go to great lengths to avoid being invaded.

The best place to start is by sealing crack and gaps on the outside of your home to try and prevent them from sneaking in. Make sure that you don’t ignore the places where pipes enter the home. You should also replace loose mortar around the windows and around the windows. Store firewood at least 25 feet from your home as mice and ants tend to make their nests in woodpiles. Rats and mice also love clutter, so make sure that any storage areas in your home are clean, organised and boxes are off the floor.

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