Snow is in The Air: Turn Your Home Into a Winter Sanctuary

As the temperatures creep downward, we tend to crawl back to our homes and under a blanket. It’s tempting to spend a lot of time inside when stepping out of your front door means being hit in the face by wind, rain, and the sour expression in everyone’s eyes as they also have to be outside - so let’s make our homes a bit cozier this winter.

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That way, you won’t feel too bad about staying inside for another full day, watching the wind and rain howl over your neighborhood.

Invest in a snug corner

As children, we’d throw a blanket over a couple of chairs, stuff a few pillows on the inside and consider it to be the most comfortable place in the world. Today, we usually need to put a bit of money into it - or at least a bit of effort if you’re an avid DIY’er.

Make your couch corner as comfortable as possible by covering it with a faux-fur blanket instead of throwing it over those chairs; treat it to an abundance of soft pillows, and make sure it has appropriate lighting to create the right mood.

This last part is important. If you have stuffed your corner full of snug pillows and wonderful blankets, but it still shakes you awake whenever you try to relax, you may want to consider the kind of light you’re using.

You don’t have to change the light in your ceiling unless you actually want to, though; just buy a floor lamp to include in your corner of comfort, and make sure the light is soft.

Let it be warm

When you have to dress up in layers of clothes even when you’re at home, it’s time to regain a sense of comfort and homeliness. Call up a local heating expert such as Stuart Pro this week already to avoid the winter rush in a short month, and you’ll be able to heat your home up without spending an entire paycheck on it.

If you’re still worried about the extra expenses, you should consider reversing the rotation of your ceiling fans - if you have them. A lot of warm air gathers up there, and particularly when the ceiling is high, so let your fan help you out a bit by pushing some of it back down rather than allowing it to escape through your windows.

Cook up signature winter dishes

Anyone who loves winter does so for a few simple reasons. It’s about admiring the beautiful and crisp scenery through a kitchen window, coffee in hand, and slippers on feet. It’s the smell of winter hanging in the air, making you wish you could spend the entire day on a sled.

And it’s the feeling of stamping the snow off those boots before stepping inside to a warm home where a large slow-cooked meal awaits you.

Invest in a slow-cooker, first of all, and learn to cook the perfect winter meals to fill your home with cozy aromas. Not only are they delicious and hearty, but they tend to cook without any supervision at all - so you can get your children’s sled out of the garage, sneak out while nobody’s watching, and hit the slopes.

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