Happy 3rd Birthday Norah Rose

3 years ago your beautiful face entered this world and my life has been changed since.  

Norah Rose – you’re three years old today.
You are spunky, and hilarious. You have a laugh that lights up the whole room. You love your brother, your sister and your baby dolls.  You love food and there is nothing you don’t like. 

You are a mommy sook, Daddy's girl, Auntie’s little love and this is my favorite age so far. You’re not as cuddly, but I’ve always loved spunk more than snuggles. You have opinions and you understand right from wrong and your temper tantrums usually have me in stitches. I want you to stay little, but then I change my mind, because I can’t wait to see you grow. Who you become. I am so proud of the person you’re going to be already

So Norah Rose here we are, another year and sweeter than ever. Enjoy your bike and your birthday presents, Auntie loves you immensely. 

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